Getting started

What is Fanity?

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Fanity is a free entertainment website where fans follow their favorite artists, founded in the beginning of 2010, and released into the wild on February 2011. Check out the getting started page for a quick overview of Fanity, or continue reading the Fanity background story.

The Fanity Stream

Fanity is build around your personal filtered entertainment stream which makes it easy and fun to follow all your favorite artists. After signing up on Fanity you are able to search or import your favorite artists of which you can become a fan. Being a fan on Fanity implies you want to get the artist's latest news, media and updates. Our system has access to all the content from wherever your artists hangs out e.g. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vevo and Ping. Also more obscure indie review blogs or large mainstream gossip sites talking about your artists are indexed by our system. We extract what is important and relevant to the artist, join together topics, extract photos & videos and present you with a clear Fanity stream. In your stream you can easily zoom into certain current topics, read up on previous news and get quick access to e.g. the latest concert photos. Fanity pushes comments from your friends, artists and yourself to the front, which makes your stream a hub for interesting interaction.
Fanity is build for music fans, so we provide easy access to the latest artist lyrics and we're building new stuff every day. Please leave us feedback of your experience on Fanity.


Created in 2010 by Yvo Schaap and Raoul Kiksen, the company operates from Amsterdam. Fanity has been completely self-financed by the founders.

The Backend

And this … is where the magic happens: the backend system. Lots of development time went into the backend system of Fanity. Fanity is a entertainment website targeted to non-tech savvy users, while the techniques used behind the scenes wouldn't be misplaced for some Google-like tech-startup. Thousands of sources are being watched for updates in almost real-time, leading to an average age of updates of under one minute before they are available for the stream. The Twitter real-time stream, Myspace steam, RSS items, Plixi photos, Youtube videos, links and a few dozen content sources more are all normalized and their textual, media and meta data extracted. Semantic analysis on articles lead to ties with artists, while being clustered around certain artist topics.

Next to the stream there is a large engineering part working on data of artists, bands, celebrities, socialites, and athletes (spoiler alert). Mostly by extracting semantic details of topics (age, music genre), semantic relations between topics (bands and their members), and social presence (Facebook, Myspace).
Last but not least we have put much time in building tools for artists to interact on Fanity.

The Talent

Fanity resolves around fans and music artists. Fanity already has access to 20M music enthusiasts every month, and we want artists to make Fanity better. Artists that sign-up and link their Fanity account with their artist stream get access to several tools that allows them to love Fanity. The details only available on request.