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  • Music News: Loreen releasing album in October

    2 days ago on

    4:00 Different than ''Euphoria'' it's more dirtier and hip hop inspired by Kanye West. Add that to: Adele Taylor Swift Rihanna Becky G Charli XCX Emeli Sande Fifth Harmony Florence and the Machine Jessie J :jonny:

  • Music News: Jessie J releasing album in October

    24 Jul on

    Capital FM's Twitter: Quote:So @JessieJ's album is out in October, she hasn't held back vocally and is here to kill it!! You excited #HeartBeats ?? Max x Add that to: Adele Taylor Swift Rihanna Becky G Emeli Sande Fifth Harmony Florence and the Machine Slay Queen.

  • Celeb News: Adele's 1-Year-Old Son Wins $$$ In Paparazzi Lawsuit

    23 Jul on

    Adele's 1-year-old son Angelo will get a 5-figure settlement from paparazzi ... after the singer sued a British photo agency for ruining her son's "milestone moments." Adele claimed celeb kids aren't public property ... so paps have no right to invade their privacy. Fact is ...

  • Celeb News: Adele's son wins damages over paparazzi photo

    23 Jul on

    Quote:Adele's infant son Angelo has been given a large sum in damages at the High Court over paparazzi photos. Adele and her partner Simon Konecki brought the case against Corbis Images UK after they released images of their son's milestones. The 1-year-old has been awarded a five-figure sum, which will be held on trust for his benefit.

  • Music News: P!nk and Rihanna releasing new music soon

    21 Jul on

    Paul Moss, a reliable music industry insider who works for a PR company and has previously confirmed details about new music from Adele, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift (among others), has now again hinted at new music from two of the biggest names in pop music: Rihanna and P!nk.

  • Celeb News: Lady Gaga, Adele and Elton John to star in a new movie

    21 Jul on

    It would be released at October the 24th.

  • Celeb News: Adele in treatment to overcome fear of publicity

    20 Jul on

    CAMERA shy Adele is undergoing secret "photo-healing therapy" sessions ahead of her big music comeback. The self-conscious singing superstar has been having Skype sessions with a "photo healer" in LA to help cure her crippling fear of being pictured.

  • Celeb News: Tedder: "Adele is the most talented person I worked with"

    18 Jul on Starting at 9:43 :nicole2:

  • Music News: Adele NOT to release/tour in 2015

    17 Jul on

    Our faves are safe... for now. Martin Mills (chairman of Beggars Group of which ADELE's label XL Recordings is a member) has said there is "no truth" in the rumour that 25 will be hitting us before a tour in 2015.

  • Celeb News: Billboard: Adele's 21 has shipped over 30 million copies WW

    17 Jul on

    Quote:Adele's "21" has shipped some 30 million global units, including more than 10 million in the U.S. It's a remarkable milestone for any era, but particularly so in a post-Internet landscape, when best-sellers' milestones are rarely eye-catching. Slay :clap3:

  • Music News: 'No truth' in Adele's next album and world tour rumours

    16 Jul on

    Quote: Adele's hugely anticipated third album is widely expected to drop before the year's end. And a new rumor, sparked by the official Twitter account of The World Music Awards, is driving chatter about a surprise release for "25" followed by a world tour in support.

  • The Roots

    The Roots #25 @OfficialAdele

    16 Jul on Twitter

  • Celeb News: Adele Going On World Tour In 2015?

    16 Jul on

    According to World Music Awards Twitter

  • Celeb News: XL: "Adele's new music sounds really exciting"

    12 Jul on

    Quote:Rhian Jones ‏@JonesJourno News: @richardXL on @OfficialAdele's album release date: "No idea, but she is doing stuff, we have heard stuff & it sounds really exciting" Richard Russell is the XL Owner

  • Celeb News: Florence + The Machine new album out on October 6th?

    11 Jul on

    Quote:Paul Moss ‏@salesmoss Florence new album out 6th of October and the 7th in the US, potentialy #1 in both countries if Swift doesnt release then. Paul Moss is a music insider and has shown to be credible in the past with past Adele news

  • Video Clip: Frozen is the New Black

    09 Jul on

    the mini Adele Dazeem joke :skull:

  • Celeb News: Adele tells fan she will tour Brazil for her next album!

    04 Jul on

    Quote: Adele gave her fan who did drawings of her and her friend signed copies of 21 and RAH and a note with a picture as well :jonny: The note was Adele thanking the fan (Camilia) for her drawing that she gave to Adele :O! In the note Adele says she will be coming to Brazil with her...

  • Music News: Bobby Womack & Adele releasing new music

    28 Jun on

    Quote:The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer played guitar on some legendary albums of folks like Aretha Franklin. And, according to Miss Info, he was gearing up to release music with his umpteen Grammy award winner labelmte Adele.

  • Celeb News: Disclosure for Billboard Magazine

    28 Jun on

    The biggest British crossover act since Adele Slay kings :clap3:

  • Video Clip: Sam Smith Talks Coming Out

    28 Jun on

    Gay Adele coming for those sales! 7:11

  • Celeb News: Sam Smith posts ADELE lyrics

    26 Jun on

    Was this Capitol's idea? And not the underrated classic My Same :deadbanana: Yes

  • Celeb News: Adele says "Go", slays it!

    24 Jun on Slay that voice Adele

  • Music News: Biggest AC artist in the world releasing album in autumn

    17 Jun on

    According to Paul Moss, a music industry insider who has confirmed details about Adele's new music in the past, as well as the fact that Rihanna's album will be released in October, Tweeted: Quote:The biggest AC Artist in the world is releasing a new album this Autumn. Who do you think it is? My guess would be Adele, Taylor Swift, or Rihanna.

  • David Hasselhoff

    David Hasselhoff Hey @OfficialAdele. Wanna have dinner? come play #HoffOrNot at

    17 Jun on Twitter

  • Music News: New Rihanna album coming in October

    09 Jun on

    Paul Moss, a music industry insider who the Daydreamers have been in contact with about news regarding Adele's latest album, has confirmed Rihanna's new album will be released in October.

  • Celeb News: Adele's lead single this year, 25 released on Jan. 2015?

    09 Jun on

    Quote:Trevor ‏@mrtrevz21 20m @salesmoss Really? I thought it was coming out this year according to a Tweet she posted back in May. Anyways... Thank you for your help! :)Quote:Paul Moss ‏@salesmoss @mrtrevz21 As of now. Single, yes coming later this year-if all is ready.

  • Music News: Diane Warren: "Adele Reincarnated Dusty Springfield"

    08 Jun on

    Quote: At 48:30 Diane Warren says in her CMW (Canadian Music Week) interview, "When I was working with Adele, she was like I was sitting there and she was almost like you know reincarnating Dusty Springfield to me" Diane also rehashed some older information she talked about before...

  • Single: Adele - "Fiasco"

    01 Jun on

    On iTunes now:

  • Music News: Adele, Taylor, Rihanna, Sade, etc confirmed for Q4 releases

    01 Jun on

    Source: Surprised none of the Daydreamers posted this since we were discussing it in the base.

  • Album: Adele - "25"

    31 May on

    the album is deff called 25 and will be released by the end of 2014 around January as both her previous albums have been released in January and she tweeted confirming that it will be released later in the year. Time has reported this. a reputed news source.

  • Celeb News: Ryan Tedder:"Adele pressure drives me"

    31 May on

    "Claiming the "stakes happen" with Adele, Tedder went on to say that they've created a number of songs, but he's not sure what will make her follow up to "21." "We've collected a number of songs. I don't know which ones will make the album. I think only she knows that," said Tedder.

  • Celeb News: John Legend + Others Should Thank Adele For Ballad Hits

    30 May on

    Quote:Arguably, Legend can thank a lady who hasn’t been on the radio herself in over a year: Adele—and specifically her unlikely 2011 smash “Someone Like You,” the second of three No. 1 hits from her colossus 21. When it reached the top in the fall of 2011, “Someone” became the first piano-and-vocal-only No.

  • Celeb News: Sam Smith struggles with emotions

    29 May on

    ‘Male Adele’ Sam Smith struggles with emotions in a world of unrequited love Smith admits sometimes it is hard getting up night after night and performing these songs of unrequited love and conjuring up those emotions.

  • Celeb News: Sam Smith COMES OUT: "ITLH is about a guy"

    28 May on

    Quote:“In the Lonely Hour is about a guy that I fell in love with last year, and he didn’t love me back,” Smith says to The FADER, adding,“I told him about it recently, and obviously it was never going to go the way I wanted it to go, because he doesn’t love me.

  • Music News: Lana Del Rey's first promo single to feature Adele

    24 May on

  • Music News: Brandy and Diane Warren Reunite!


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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, known professionally as Adele, is an English singer songwriter. She was the first recipient of the BRIT Awards Critics' Choice and was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2008 in an annual BBC poll of music critics, Sound of 2008.